Recipe Book DIY

For the most part when it comes to cooking I have my go to, no recipe required, meals to get us through the week. Meals that I’ve made a million times and just make it from memory or a lick and a prayer. Then the holidays come along and I stress. It’s not one dish needing to be made its half a dozen and between finding the best combination of recipes used in past years, grocery list, meal organization and schedule it’s enough to lose your s**t. 

So, last year I discovered Photo Affections. They have these neat little apps. FreePrints: allows you to print 85 photos per month for the shipping price of $9.99. Photobooks: allows you to print a 5×7 20 page photo book for the shipping price of $7.99. Awesome right? Plus no memberships. 

Anyway, as I was saying, I discovered these little gems and came up with the brilliant idea of putting all our favorite holiday recipes into one book. That way come the holiday season I’m not digging through piles of paper, file folders, Pinterest, google, computer files…. you get the point. No bueno. 

To get started you will have to go searching and digging for all the recipes you need/want. In my case I needed a turkey holiday book and a ham holiday because for Thanksgiving and Christmas we do a bird of sorts but for New Years and Easter we do ham. 

Now, I’m sure there are easier ways to do this but I was on a time crunch, it needed to be done before Thanksgiving and I had two weeks to have it done, ordered and delivered, so I was doing it half asleep.

I typed the recipe into Pages on my IPad, or copy and pasted the text. 

Choose font and size. Remember it needs to be large enough to read at a glance in a 5×7 book AND you want room for a photo of the finished dish.

Once I had that situated I chose a colored overlay. Why? I knew that each photo was different, between lighting and overall picture quality and I did not want it to be glaringly obvious in the final book so adding color over everything evened it all out and seemed to make it classier. Pick a color that will go well with the book color options available, google the color, save it, use it.

After adding the overlay I took a screen shot, cropped it and added the page to the book through the app. Don’t worry it will allow you to crop to more if needed. 

I went back to pages, made a copy of the first recipe page I had just completed and then repeated the process until I had finished each. Some pages require 2 pages. Or if you need to stretch it to two in order to fill all twenty pages that works too.

For my last page I created a “Master Grocery List” by tallying each ingredient + a little extra for wiggle room and put that in the very back. That way I won’t have to redo the math each time I go to cook. 

Once I have all the pages in order just the way I like I click print. It takes 8-10 days to ship so keep that in mind. For some, because it’s your first order (or other promotion) it will upgrade you to a larger size book + hardback ($14.99 + $7.99sh) for free. I took it and really for that price I don’t mind spending a little extra for that kind of peace. If you need more copies during the month you’re charged $3-4 per book plus the $7.99 shipping cost, so why not knock out some Christmas or birthday presents? I am currently in the process of making a book for my day to day recipes, categorically (poultry, pies, cookies, pork, beef, sides, vegetarian, etc) but it will take me just as many months to get them done if I go for the deals. 

Ah! Stress free!!! (Eventually)

Let me know what you think!


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