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Octonauts! Another birthday.

Somewhere little man discovered Octonauts. It’s been great because it has taught him about sea animals, habitats and behavior. What’s more it has a pirate! That boy loves him some pirates. He often wakes singing, “what do you do with a drunken sailor, early in the morning!?”

I decided, especially because he has yet to start school or any activity where he’d make friends, that I would just do a cake and his favorite bounce house.

I ordered him a custom t-shirt from ETSY. It had all the Octonaut characters, “Birthday boy” his name and age. No decent picture, the kid never stood still. The weeks leading up to the day I had made him little felt characters.

Then I got an itch to try cake making. Specifically design with fondant. I browsed some pictures on Pinterest, mix and matched ideas and gave it a try.

I picked up some blue cake mix. Followed the box, sort of. If it said oil, I used butter. If it said water, I used milk. If it said two eggs, I used three. Baked it square. I dislike circles. Threw it in the freezer to help it cool.

Iced it with the Octonaut/turquoise blue. As smooth as I could get it. I’m no pro, this was my first cake.

Octonaut colors are orange and this blue. This is hideous. It looks like a cake for the Miami Dolphins. No. No bueno. The icing has got to go!

So I mixed up some marshmallow fondant. Separated and mixed in some colors. Scraped off some of the orange icing.

I used random tools around the kitchen and made coral and seaweed shapes. Printed off his name/age and carved up some fondant.

Little man was eating the decor as fast as I was making it. It came out better than expected.

On the day of his birthday we went for donuts at his favorite shop. A chocolate sprinkle with a side of donut holes. Then we visited Monkey Joes bounce house and stayed for a couple hours. Went to lunch with his grandparents and Auntie before returning home for his birthday cake and song. A week later we visited the Railway museum and took him on his first train ride that happened to have Robbers on it as part of the production.

He went up to the robber and said, “Boo!”

He had a blast!

This coming birthday is Disney’s Toy Story themed. Stay tuned for the madness that entails!!!


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