Letter to my soulmate

I see me in you
You in me
We’re one and the same
But bear a different name
Through many sleepless nights you lie awake
Subconsciously debating the past, present
And inevitably – your future
Often times you feel insecure, helpless, unloved and forgotten Afraid to love and be loved in return
So much tainted, scary and forbidden secrets of your past
I spend so much time making up for all the wrongs ive done
Fighting to hide my inabilities and my disabilities
Wanting to crawl in a corner and no longer exist
Longing to be loved in return
Fear of my insecurities showing
Perfection in all that I do so that I may hide behind something I know
Something I can trust
You say I don’t understand
I say you don’t understand
I don’t understand why you are who you are today, what made you so cold, who stole, and tainted your world
I don’t understand the depth of your thoughts
You don’t understand that I don’t give a damn
I don’t care if you are over weight, whether you smell or are
in a bad mood
You don’t understand that no matter your state of being you will always be beautiful to me
You constantly want to break up with me because you fear yourself You feel you are undeserving of love, you fear it
You find it hard to accept that you are no longer alone in your life
That someone truly cares about you.
Ive come to accept that I am never to receive love
I whole heartedly love knowing that
Accepting nothing more—nothing less
I need you.
There are no words to explain all that you are, all that you mean to me
I cant say why I feel the way I do
But I spend so much of my time needing every part of you
I need to hear your voice – it soothes me, comforts me and I know everything is ok
I need to see your face, your smile – my world is so much better, easier, happier
I need to hold you and be held in return – I know im safe with you, Without you- the world ceases to exist


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