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Toy Story …. part 1

We are crazy about Disney’s Toy Story here. We have the Xbox 360 Toy Story 3, Nintendo DS Toy Story 3, a deck of oversized playing cards, Buzz Lightyear Operation board game, Woody AND Buzz pjs, and all the little talking and not toy figures. We have all the movies and are excited for the release of #4 sometime this year (rumored).

To add to the craziness I needed a creative stress relief. I remember my mother painting Lisa Frank characters on my bedroom walls as a child. I loved it. So, I decided to paint Little Man’s room. You guessed it, Toy Story!

This is the photo I was using. From my iPad screen I drew it all free hand before starting the paint.

I don’t do shadow and 3D well but the kid is turning 5, neither of us are perfect here!

If I had to do it again I’d use a projector and trace.

Faces really are not my thing.

I’m going to paint a giant ball behind them.

I later added blocks.

On another wall I’ll paint a giant Etch-a-Sketch and make the center of it a chalk board so he can write on his walls.

I had so much fun and he keeps naming off more characters for me to paint…


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