It’s not my fault

Love should not hurt If you truly loved me you would apologize, things would change. All that anger, stop taking it out on me. I'm not the enemy.  I will continue to forgive the apologies that never come. You will continue to strike me where it'll hurt the most. The biggest challenge between us is… Continue reading It’s not my fault

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Childhood Horrors Remembered

I don't remember when things started to change I just remember that when our brother was four he tried to stab a teacher with a pair of scissors. So I was told. And that he tried to bite Kristin when she was bathing him. So I heard. When Linda and Kelvin were gone, Tiffany and… Continue reading Childhood Horrors Remembered

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Toy Story Part II

After several weeks of party planning, supply shopping and room decorating it finally over! I painted a giant Etch-a-Sketch chalkboard on his wall because what kid doesn't have an uncontrollable desire to write all over walls?? This wall was far too empty for me... Woohoo! I'm in love with the final look. More than that,… Continue reading Toy Story Part II