another day

My Favorite Place

Many years ago I had the opportunity to go on my first real vacation. Something unscheduled, with no friends, family or ties to that location. Almost like randomly pointing at a map and going to that location. Where you ask? Wickenburg, Arizona. 

It’s a tiny “cowboy” town. Quiet! Omg it was wonderful!!! I got my first car rental and hotel room. In the past I had always traveled with a partner, this time it was just me. 

I spent four days in this beautiful little paradise. I browsed every shop I could find. Moseyed around the foods available. I even bought some gifts and souvenirs for those I left at home. 

While I don’t remember much about the food or shops, I do remember the people I came across. Everyone. Everyone I met was so sweet, so kind. Nearly polar opposite of what I grew up with in Southern California and different from what I’d become accustomed to in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. 

My favorite part of the entire trip, where I had spent the majority of my time was at the park. It was between the library and the police station. I sat in the sun and like the weirdo I am, I read real made-of-paper books. I finished five books that weekend!

These days my favorite place is snuggled next to my little man holding his hand while he watches his favorite shows on repeat and I catch up on my weekly primetime shows on a separate hidden screen. 

Where is your favorite place?


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