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Toy Story Part II

After several weeks of party planning, supply shopping and room decorating it finally over!

I painted a giant Etch-a-Sketch chalkboard on his wall because what kid doesn’t have an uncontrollable desire to write all over walls??

This wall was far too empty for me…

Woohoo! I’m in love with the final look. More than that, my son drags anyone who will let him into his room to show off his Toy Story Collection and attempts to get everyone to act out scenes with him. 

Due to incompatibility of grandparents schedules we ended up having two parties for little man. That worked out well because I needed to make a second cake for a photo shoot with little man.

Little man partied so hard Monday he was in bed sick. I love experimenting with these cake designs and seeing the giant smile on his sweet face with each of our creations.

We can’t wait for Toy Story 4 in theaters next month!!


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