Past, Short stories

Childhood Horrors Remembered

I don’t remember when things started to change I just remember that when our brother was four he tried to stab a teacher with a pair of scissors. So I was told. And that he tried to bite Kristin when she was bathing him. So I heard. When Linda and Kelvin were gone, Tiffany and Kristin would make us do their chores and would make us use large bulky toys to beat our brother. Then one day he wasn’t there anymore. He stopped talking for 4 years because he was without me. When my sister and I were not in school we were cleaning the house top to bottom, bathrooms, vacuuming etc. In Linda’s free time she would spend all of her husbands money on decor. Kristin was too busy watching boys pee in the bathrooms and taking money out of her mothers purse or writing blank checks off her fathers dresser. I was constantly accused of stealing those things. I was pulled out of school into home school so that I alone could clean 24/7. I was made to sleep in the half bath in the master bathroom on the floor. Only allowed to wear a t- shirt and panties. Every morning taken to use the downstairs bathroom with the door open by Kelvin, then taken to the garage where I had to wait for him to get ready for work. Then he’d give me a large plastic fast food cup and send me to the back yard with a book. If I was thirsty I could get water from the spigot and was lucky to get the scraps from the plates when they ate. Sometimes I’d go days without food. If I was in school I was forced to wear the same outfit every day. I wrote a poem about wanting to be free and the school claimed I was suicidal to which Kelvin tried to make me kill myself for. If I didn’t do a chore right, Linda would take a metal cooking spoon and beat my hands til I screamed and then because I screamed would beat my head until blood poured down my face and if I didn’t catch it and it landed on the carpet I’d be beat more or thrown down the stairs. She weighed more than 300lbs back then and would have me strip down to nothing, stuff my panties in my mouth to muffle my screams and stand on my back while she beat me til my back and legs bled. When I no longer had obvious marks I was sent down to the neighborhood stop sign in my panties to stand in timeout. If the weather did not permit then I’d stand in the foyer from the time I woke up til I went to bed. I remember My sister needing to pee in the middle of the night and I refused to get out of bed to call for Linda to deactivate the alarm and so she peed in a toy in the closet and left her panties in it. I told on her the next day hoping to win favor and a day of no beatings. The panties were forced into her mouth and I was beat for tattling. I remember being forced to eat cold canned veggies or chicken pot pies. I didn’t like the pot pie and vomited in it and another time clam chowder and was forced to eat the vomit and the food. I remember Tiffany punching me for not cleaning a baby bottle properly and me passing out and peeing on the floor. She cried and apologized and never did it again. Kristin used to beat me for not colorizing her clothes properly or not ironing her clothes completely . 

There’s so many more stories I could tell…


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