Poetry, Short stories


My eyes are heavy and my body fatigued having not slept the night before.
All is silent except the sound of the morning traffic spread out across the highway and the soft whisper of air traveling gently in and out of your lungs as you inhale and exhale the cool morning breeze.
I dare not wake you.
I ease myself sluggishly into a sitting position on the carpet of your bedside and become frozen in time as I watch you sleep… lost in another world.
A world of curiosity and disconsolation.
I find myself inquiring your secrets, your dreams, your aspects toward the world around you.
I even question Fate’s motives for placing someone as handsome and magnificent as you into the care of such a cruel and hateful reality.
I want to pull you close, to feel the warmth of your body against my own.
To caress your smooth skin as I lay serenely at your side. To feel the soothing, rhythmic beating of your heart.
I want to love you. I am in love with you.
You stir as a commercial aircraft passes above.
You twist wearily in your sleep to face the opposite direction, subconsciously dissatisfied with your previous pose, and leave ample enough space on the bed for me to accompany you.
I rise from my discomfort provided by the carpeted floor and plant myself in a comfortable position next to you and drift off into tranquility, for my dreams are filled with visions of you so paradise is never very far.


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