Be My Everything 

When I touch you don’t pull away.

How do I make you understand how perfect you are to me?

Despite what you believe reflects you in the mirror, when I look at you I see beauty.

I love everything about you.

From your hair peppered with gray, your eyes – full of laughter and so much surprise.

I love the warm sweet taste of your lips, and the soft trim that shadows them.

The bittersweet halo revolving the smoothness of your neck. 

I love the patches that meadow your chest and tumble over your godlike waistline.

Past the stiffness of your youth to the thickness and power of your thighs. 

All the way down to the steadies of your feet.

Beyond the physical, what I can see with my eyes and measure with my mind –

What I love most about you is your curiosity and knowledge of the world – my world.

The tenderness in your voice and the need I feel each time your body touches mine.

I only ask to love you and that one day you let me love you entirely.


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