She’s There

I wish I could give you a reason to stay. But I cannot. She has a smile that brightens more than a room. As a late bloomer I will never have her curves Everything she has - I do not. She can tell you things that I dont know how to say Whisper things that… Continue reading She’s There

another day, Poetry

Clutterings of My Mind

Trust is easy. Trust is easily broken and is much harder to earn back. Love though is not easy, for one must earn both respect and then trust. It is so that I easily trust, and do not love. Ones fondest memories are that of love, That of closeness, That of belonging. I don't recall… Continue reading Clutterings of My Mind


The Lives of the Living

Erase stolen sensations of memories Burned between horror and passion Improve yesterday's fear through anything unlikely Reject dreams coming from extended limits Discover power inside courage Be brilliant on top of strong True longer than powerful Trust cares and believe difference Crave wild sexy strangers born mask free Happily living articulate risk free moments Men… Continue reading The Lives of the Living